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The Infernal Devices-Clockwork Angel

Series: The Infernal Devices.
Author: Cassandra Clare
Published: August 31st 2010 by Simon & Schuster, Margaret K. McElderry
Pages: 478
Rating: 4 stars
Age Recommendation: 13 years

Synopsis: Orphan Tessa Gray, sixteen, crosses the ocean from New York to find her brother Nate in Victorian London, her only possession a clockwork angel necklace from her mother. She is ignorant of her power to transform; the Dark sisters are not. They kidnap her for the Magister, who wants to marry Tessa and claim her power.

Shadowhunters, warriors of angel blood, battle demons and keep the peace in the Downworld of vampires, warlocks and other supernaturals. Orphan teen Shadowhunters Jem, Will, and Jess rescue Tessa and agree to help save Nate. Vengeful vampire Lady Camille Belcourt and her current lover, warlock Magnus Bane provide entrée to the Magister's secret Pandemonium Club.

Review: I loved this book it was so good. The wrighting was amazing. The pace was high all the time, there was never dull moment thought out the book. The setting was amazing for the 18 hundreds. There was lots of added little details from the time period. At some points its almost steam punk for example the technology that they have is not from the 18th century but they are shadow hunters and have this technology ahead of time its very futuristic. This book has
lots of great action moments that set your imagination off, that plays in your mind when reading the book. 
My only two criticisms is I found it personally hard to imagine Tessa was an American character but that was properly just me. Another point I didn't like about this book was the main characters age range. They were almost to wise for there age because they were only sixteen to eighteen it didn't really seem to real. She said about the book that contains  Vampires, Warlocks, demons and shadow hunters.
My over all view on this book is that it is one of my favourites this year and I have read on in the end of the serise and its a great first book a
to a series. This book if you haven't read it already should and must be in your TBR pile.

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